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2009-02-10 14:36:30 by Roflysoft

I'm finally getting back into creating music on Fruity Loops 8 XXL Producer Version. Right now i'm focusing on getting a few tracks down for my bud OsamaBinSane to rap to and hopefully I'll get them uploaded in the next month or so.


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2009-02-23 12:01:16

Sounds great... Hhmm... "OsamaBinSane" why does that name sounds "terroristish"... Is there a connection here? O.o

Just joking. Anyway, yeah i would like to hear some beats with vocals :D

Roflysoft responds:

I'm probably gonna upload a few demos of the beats i've got goin on right now here in the next few days and see how the community accepts them. Look for them to be up by friday.